The basic material of carbon fabrics is pure carbon – the chemical element that diamonds consist of. This brings about the unique properties of carbon fabrics – their extreme tensile strength, low weight, and resistance to chemicals and harsh temperatures. Carbon Pools manufactures outstanding bath’ products and also offers custom-made solutions. Regardless of whether clients wish to relax or immerse themself in the beautiful world of senses, Carbon Pools hi-tech products will ensure that your bathroom remains perfect.


With that in mind, we set out to design and develop a new website that delivers a very detailed and lucid description of Carbon Pools products and easy to navigate for the visitors, who would be interested to understand more of what Carbon Pools provide. We managed to create something clean in look and feel, with the right touch of design and speaks to visitors in a way that tells them Carbon Pools is what you need.
The website was manufactured in close collaboration with the team of Carbon Pools aiming for satisfactory and qualitative user experience. There are custom-designed icons and elements all around the website, as well as rich content in line with our client’s requirements.

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