Transmogul is a web platform designed and created especially for shippers and carriers to solve their mutual issues and to offer the optimal solution. It grants the shippers a network of certified carriers with the best possible price taking care of the deals and load of course for them. Also, it allows the carriers to cooperate with thousands of industrial Shippers, optimizes their truck utilization, and ensures they are paid within 30 days with no fees or commitment.


It is very easy to use too for both carriers and shippers. Transmogul’s platform delivers a very unique user experience computing all the demands and challenges that users deal very fast.
This happened because we started to work on the project very closely with the client to understand the requirements and features requested from a professional shipper and carrier so that we could contribute to an amazing experience. Due to the complexity of the demands we had to deliver the project in phases, have it tested and approved by the client so we could move onto the next requirements and finally create the final platform Transmogul.

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