Considering the ever-increasing prices for oil and gas as well as current high CO2 emissions, Heat Swiss wanted to offer the European market a clean and affordable heating system which was, most of all, in-depending of conventional resources. Heat Swiss mission is to provide the most efficient and affordable heating technology currently available on the market, infrared heating. We have been approached by Heat Swiss, to design and develop an eShop that provides the customer with the real values of its product.


Through continual communication during tough times of COVID-19, and excellent teamwork of our companies, between Albania and Switzerland we worked to deliver a formidable user experience. After the development Heat Swiss gave us the allowed us to build awareness of the brand online through our Digital Marketing services. Taking into account our client’s objective our team is focused on promoting and representing the amazing benefits given by Heat Swiss’s products.
We’re happy to be together with Heat Swiss on this journey and give people the possibility to have efficient and healthy heating in their homes or businesses for their family or staff. The eShop is making its well-deserved presence on the web and social media channels.

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Heatswiss Case Study