Extend Your Team In Southern Europe

Posted by DigitSapiens | 19 Oct 2020

Extend Your Team In Southern Europe

The IT industry in Southern Europe used to be more focused on local projects, while projects for overseas clients were not given the same priority. Because Digit Sapiens is a new company participating in a market that is very big with plenty of competitors the beginning was not very easy. The number of organizations that provide IT services has increased and is followed by an increase too in the number of developers. The same has happened with the desire of young people to join this promising industry and with how companies approach each other. Now international clients and their projects are at the focus and this has contributed to the final product, growth of the regional tech industry, and growth quality of IT companies such as Digit Sapiens.

At the moment, Digit Sapiens provide services to clients and partners all over Europe and North America. These partnerships got us to learn new things about the market, the industry and affected the quality of work, life, and passion for the job.

Being part of national and international conferences, business delegations and online platform communication has connected us with new clients and partners. Any interaction of that nature that we have made has paid off in creating new partnerships for Digit Sapiens.

The first contact with organizations abroad is the presentation of the working environment in Southern Europe, including specifics, success stories of different organizations working with us, and the opportunity to provide services from here which offer more productivity and talent.

As in each start of the creation of new relations, the process toward building trust on both sides is significant to continue.

After the initial conversation with the client and discussion for the requirements, the team gets together to contribute to a brainstorm of ideas on the realization of the project. Each one contributes to new visions and thoughts on the project.

Also understanding the mutual concern of some clients on their doubt on online meetings not be suitable for everyone, we have traveled several times to meet our new partners. During these meetings, requests were discussed closely, and simultaneously a closer relationship develops and affects positively the working relation too.

At Digit Sapiens, since the beginning of every project, we define the team which will participate in the project, communication channels, management tools, keeping in mind the efficiency, the comfort of the client, and delivering a qualitative project.

Digit Sapiens was founded by the passion and originality that are embedded inside every member of the team. Having experience working with Business, Tech, and Venture clients in markets worldwide, we are always up to date with the latest industry trends. Keeping in mind the combination of clients’ requirements and our expertise, we are aiming to deliver value through qualitative and teamwork.

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Extend Your Team In Southern Europe

The IT industry in Southern Europe used to be more focused on local projects, while projects for overseas clients were not given the same priority.

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