5 cases why organisation's CTO-s need team extension

Posted by DigitSapiens | 15 Oct 2020

5 cases why organisation's CTO-s need team extension

After finally getting to the point where you get a clear idea of what the market needs and how you can provide it with your business, you need to take the next step to create a successful beginning and a promising future for your business. The steps after this moment determine the future of your project. Firstly you need a CTO expert (Chief Technology Officer) and a team who will deal with completing the product or service, what you are providing. Unluckily you might be in a position where you can not manage to create the team you need in your country because of the time and cost of the recruitment.

At this moment as an owner, you should understand that team extension via virtual employees would be the very best solution to your problem. That's why:

  • You quickly get the team you need, reducing stress and without spending the time for the hiring process.

  • The CTO and the team will provide project milestones, requirements, and technology after analyzing your project along with you and understanding what is best for this kind of project.

  • You get more of what you needed with the right costs enabling you to budget efficiently.

You have created the entire project, you just need to give life to it very fast...

Despite having the concept of what you'll create completed, you feel the pressure of partners, investors, etc, who expect completion of the project as soon as possible and fast development, requesting upgrades on the software, new features now and then. The internal resources and the staff that you assembled during that time are not enough to meet the expectations. Also, the most appropriate solution, in this case, would be team extension via virtual employees.

That is because you get to choose the team which will provide you the service you need in line with the resources which you possess. You get to pay what you need when you need it the most. A dedicated team of virtual employees will be built to handle your task and deliver everything on time. Isn't that the perfect solution? Worth to mention that you get plenty of time to focus on the business while your dedicated team of virtual employees by a trusted company deals with what gave you a hard time.

You need specific experts in no time!

During the development process, you might need an extended team with developers that possess a set of specific skills and mindset. You might need a team to develop a mobile app for your e-shop, and the time you have is not enough to calculate the milestones, contract agreements, interviewing, and finding one. Let's face the fact that the optimal solution for this is a trusted tech partner that offers the solutions you precisely need for your project. Decreasing the impression that time has put to you, allowing you to not face such challenges as HR processes, and providing the resolve you demand all the time.

  1. The first step will be to research which IT company has the expertise needed by you.

  2. Discuss your project, its requirements, and the expertise demanded in this project.

  3. Decide on management and communication tools.

  4. After establishing your agreement with the IT company you define the scope of work.

Now that you have extended your team of virtual employees and established the optimal solution to your requirements, you win the time to think about new features and bringing value to your project.

Your budget is not enough to hire an experienced development team in your own country

This does not mean that your company is not functioning properly, it's just that the market right now is a jungle of competitiveness. This case leads to the situation that your company might be a small startup and it is led by a greater business.

You require experienced developers to achieve your objectives however your budget doesn't allow you to hire software developers for an unknown period. Then again, you need to get well known on the market similarly to some huge organizations, yet it is hard to assemble pros around you, thinking about the expenses and the given time.

Don't stress! We got Extended Teams to your rescue...

As we have clarified in different cases above, team extension might be the best arrangement for this situation. At the point when you recruit an IT company with an experienced group, you help your organization raise productivity. Interestingly, the expense is more convenient and more helpful than recruiting individuals straightforwardly and paying for everyone. Additionally, you can agree to the terms and duration of collaboration at various stages and periods.

As a non-tech company or startup, you need a software or online presence to boost your business and a team to build it?!

Your business is growing or is grown and you are content with that but, what's the next step? You see the need to separate your organization from others. In this case, the right thing to do is to digitize your business.

You have thoughts on the most proficient method to develop your business and you feel that digitizing it is the right thing to do. You realize that recruiting individuals in house costs you a ton, beginning from employing process and finding the fit individuals.

As you might have run across online or heard, companies are offering IT solutions for organizations like yours with the necessary abilities to provide your business needs. Hiring a company that does this for you will give you the chance to be more engaged in different portions of your business development.

You needn't bother with this IT department for a lifetime, your tech accomplice will help you as much as you need when you need it the most.

This way you get to build and expand your business with low risk and budget. 

During our work history, we have understood that these are the most usual cases where team extension is applied. We @Digit Sapiens attempted to quickly clarify the cycles of how business associations start.

Presently these situations are being applied to the organizations we have with overseas partnerships in Europe and the USA. If you have any further inquiries or might want to become familiar with how we work and what we offer, keep in touch with us at [email protected].

It would be our pleasure to get to know your organization and to interact with other companies, understand how we can help you, or forge a future solid partnership.

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5 cases why organisation's CTO-s need team extension

After finally getting to the point where you get a clear idea of what the market needs and how you can provide it with your business, you need to take the next step to create a successful beginning and a promising future for your business.